Welcome to SenseWorks

SenseWorks is a new company offering innovative solutions for the smart monitoring applications market. The company is focusing on users’ needs that are not yet build into new products. Research work is dedicated on exploiting potential and synergies of different technologies able to support people in daily needs and activities.

Company’s research team works with different wireless protocols for network setup and a number of sensors that offer handy measurements. The goal is to present low power systems able to track people behaviors and environmental data at an indoor and outdoor environment in real time. Research is also taking place for wearable non-intrusive sensors. 



company balance sheet 2014 [Ισολογισμός 2014]

Research & Development

SenseWorks develops commercial wireless sensor solutions that cut the energy costs, limit the environmental footprint and enhance the wellness of the individual...

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Starting its operations, from September 2013, the company managed to develop two products, a wireless flood detector and a wireless soil moisture sensor...



"SenseWorks is a high risk innovative start-up in the Wireless Sensors Network Sector. It aims at the development of innovative products that can address people’s daily life needs" 
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