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Job Position: R&D Engineer, product research and development in SenseWorks

Job description

You will be supporting the development of the design and manufacture of sub-assemblies from an early phase concept through go-to-market product readiness. Search the market for technologies, solutions and vendors. You will contact the vendors to effectively design, analyze and manufacture prototype components. You will assess the vendors and improve on their reliability and manufacturability. You will be responsible for identifying and acquiring test equipment as well as developing test methods for sensors, data transfer and physical operation of the products.

Necessary skills

Passionate engagement. Problem solving mentality. Curiosity & Survival’s Flexibility. Top it up with hardware & software skills and fearlessly sit on the driver’s seat. Multitask on the organisation, deep dive in the implementation. You are self-propelled but you can always rely on the team around you.

Primary Responsibilities


Desired Experience & Skills

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